User Experience Development for the Web

Quality digital craftsmanship by Michael Bester

Michael Bester, User Experience Developer

Why Kimili?

I bring years of professional experience developing robust and humane user interfaces and experiences for the web. I’ve helped clients from single-person small businesses to large multinational corporations realize their ideas and solve usability problems with their online properties. When you work with me, expect accurate, robust deliverables, handed over on time and budget.

What user experience ideas can I help you bring to light? Contact me, and let’s get a conversation going.


  • Template Development

    I author accessible, robust, and responsive user interface templates which bring your visual and interactive designs to life.

  • Pattern and Component Libraries

    I can help you develop pattern and component libraries in the best framework for you which serve as the building blocks for maintaining scalable websites.

  • Full Site and Application Builds

    Whether you need a CMS backed site, a static site, or a fully dynamic web application, I work with trusted partners to deliver the full experience.

  • Accessibility Audits and Upgrades

    Identify and correct accessibility issues with your online properties to ensure that they are as inclusive as they can be.

  • Consulting and Mentoring

    With my guidance, your development team can be more confident with building robust User Experiences.

Selected Projects

This is a small selection of projects in which I've played a significant hands-on role building. In each of these, I've lead the build of the user experience. In many, I've also handled other aspects to bring the project vision to life.

  • GroupNews

    A platform for organizations and groups to beautifully publish their news.
  • Landbird

    Auto rental for family, friends, co-workers, and large groups.
  • Valo Ventures

    Venture capital for environmentally responsible startups
  • Boston Classical Guitar Society

    Modernized the web presence of this Boston cultural institution
  • Silva / Salinas

    A fresh, sharp identity for a fresh law practice.
  • EF Merch Portal

    Cataloging merchandise produced by and for EF Education First
  • iReady Video Player

    An immersive video experience to highlight the iReady product by Curriculum Associates
  • Libby DeLana

    Personal site for a celebrated creative director
  • Natixis

    A fresh design system on which to build multiple sites

    A safe-for-work reimaginging of Playboy's flagship site

From The Journal

  • Announcing GroupNews

    A new endeavor in which I am my own client. GroupNews is a new platform to promote effective, structured internal communication in organizations.

  • New Project Launch: Silva / Salinas

    A fresh approach for a fresh law practice.

  • Tip Your Faves

    Tip Your Faves is a new platform to help you reconnect with and support your community by tipping your favorite service industry workers affected by COVID-19 in a one-to-one way.

  • New Project Launch: Landbird

    In which I create the online presence for Landbird, a new approach to effortless group travel.

  • The Fallacy of Freelance Full Stack

    As a freelancer seeking to widen my client base, I thought it would be good to pitch myself as a Full Stack developer. It didn't work out quite like I hoped it would.

  • 2019 In Review

    I’d like to share a few of the rewarding projects which I was involved with in 2019, despite the year's challenges, with you.