I am a design-savvy full stack web developer who is at ease with both creating impeccable and humane end-user experiences as well as designing and building out full web application architecture. I strive to build tools and platforms which help people connect, get informed, and get things done quickly and easily.

I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you with your next project.

What I’ve Built

I’ve worked as a development lead, as a team member, and as a solo developer, and I’ve built sites and applications for companies and people in a wide range of industries including:

I’ve also got some personal projects which you may enjoy.


The tools I use include HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, VueJS, Ruby (and Rails), PHP, Python (and Django), among other things. In every project, I consider the needs of the project and select the best tools for the job. Of course, if you have specific requirements about which languages or frameworks need to be used for your project, then I’ll take that into account, too.

Want to talk shop? Contact me and I’ll be happy to chat.


In addition to building, I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and what has worked for me building successful projects. I’ve been a sherpa to junior and mid-level developers and have coached teams in sustainable and scalable development practices.

If your team could benefit from the perspective of a developer who has shipped beautiful, production ready, battle-tested code, and continues to do so, let’s talk.

Current Availability

I am available to help with your next project beginning December, 2019.

If you’ve got something brewing that I can help bring to life, contact me. Let’s build something great together!


Call Michael at +1 646.727.0788, email, or tweet @mibester.

276 Essex Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970